Join us at InnoEX 2024 Hong Kong to experience a new wireless experience for applications spanning IoT, navigation, and audio

Simbury, a Hong Kong fabless semiconductor solution company specializing in spatial computing, will be on hand to welcome attendees at the upcoming InnoEX 2024 at Hong Kong Convention Center. From April 13-16, Simbury is set to showcase a range of groundbreaking capabilities based on next-generation short-range Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology for dual mode tag for untracked spatial navigation with ranging capability, and lossless audio experience at IOTHK Pavilion 3CON-F04.

Positioning tag: An innovative item tracker which can be used in multiple ways to keep tracking of everyday items like your keys, wallet, luggage, etc. The Simbury tag uses short-range ultra-wideband technology to help determining the exact location of the item with greater accuracy. In addition, the Simbury tag has a dual-mode feature that can be switched between a ranging function and a navigation function, providing alternative options to enhance user experience.

Untracked indoor navigation: A powerful new solution that goes beyond the limitations of existing indoor navigation techniques in terms of accuracy, scalability, and privacy. With our navigation system, the location of the user device is determined by the user device itself. This intrinsically protects the user’s location information from being exposed or tracked. This feature also prevents malicious usage by potential attackers and safeguards the user’s privacy from compromise. Additionally, enabling untracked navigation is made simple and cost-effective by installing UWB anchors at planned locations, eliminating the need for a wired network connection.

Hi-Res lossless wireless audio: Simbury’s UWB Audio technology offers a lossless sound experience by delivering high data throughput with extremely low latency while using minimal power. This  technology enables uncompressed audio transmission, providing superiority over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for some audio applications.

Join Simbury at InnoEX 2024 in Hong Kong to experience these exciting innovations first-hand. Please contact info@simbury.com to schedule a meeting.

About Simbury

Simbury is a fabless semiconductor company that strives to provide innovative solutions to make the world a better place. With its patented technologies, Simbury offers high data rates, ultra-low latency, and precise positioning/ranging – all with extremely low power consumption wireless connections technology for applications in spatial computing. The company combines advancements in product and technology, and systems-level expertise with global partnerships to deliver the most fit solution to the client.




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Join us at InnoEX 2024 Hong Kong to experience a new wireless experience for applications spanning IoT, navigation, and audio


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