Simbury Xtra3D and XtraVR Immersive Technologies unleash potential of Metaverse of Things

CES 2023 released the new concept of Metaverse of Things (MoT), virtualization and immersion realize the business opportunities of Metaverse and the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) bring along MoT innovation. Metaverse will completely change the working and living style of human beings and be widely used in automobile, gaming and healthcare in the future.

User experience is the top obstacle to wider Metaverse adoption. Simbury Xtra3D is the world pioneering AI based real-time video processor rendering multi-view 2D to 3D generation up to 8K UHD. It performs real-time multi-view 3D conversion from mono-view and stereo-view formats and up to 8K (7680×4320) at 60Hz frame rate. Integration with neutral network co-processor enables hardware acceleration of deep learning algorithms for depth and view generation. Backlight intensity control optimizes power efficiency without sacrificing high picture quality. Xtra3D realizes the virtualization on glasses-free 3D displays including 3D digital frame, 3D digital signage and 3D video wall. The stunning visual excitement can further enrich the visual sensory interaction between reality and virtual world.

Converting real-time 2D to 3D for 360-degree 3D VR content with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, XtraVR is the industry leading extra immersive experience processor for VR users supporting 4K per eye resolution. Eye-tracking dynamic foveated rendering to reduce the rendering workload by optimizing output resolution and 3D perception. 3D spatial audio added with real-time true-to-life full-face tracking, facial expression reconstruction and hand gestures tracking can upgrade the immersive experience for VR users in various gaming, education, training and social platforms.

While the Metaverse is being explored as the future of how people work, communicate, interact and consume, Simbury, one of the leading integrated circuit companies for Metaverse, is dedicated to innovating and developing 3D and VR technologies which enhance the impactful virtualization and immersion in the Metaverse.



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